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More than 40 years in the craftsmanship of marble

Marble bases

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At this point, every brand has something special to unveil – something that inspires people. Every brand must reach that point.

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Rounded – Square – Oblong – Columns

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Each piece is unique

Elaboration process

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Our constancy and daily effort leads us to offer our customers an unbeatable product that is only possible to achieve with a meticulous selection of first quality and large tonnage blocks, choosing them directly from the different portfolios.


Thanks to a large highly qualified and specialized human team we make it possible for marble to be elaborated and manipulated through the different phases of development to give our clients a great finish at very competitive prices.


Our packaging ensures that our products arrive in perfect condition at your destination.


The bases must be taken to their destination in the same way and paying the same attention as in their elaboration process.

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40 years in the craftsmanship of marble

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CANDELA Marble Bases

A entire life dedicated to marble

José Candela S.L. has been in the business of crafting marble for more than 40 years. Our products are the result of our experience, with a team that takes great care throughout the various stages of professional and artistic development that are involved to promote the values and merits of marble as a living, noble and natural material.

Ongoing development is a permanent feature of the business, and of the 25 thousand square metres that our premises cover, ten thousand are taken up by machinery and production plants.

Trust true experts

Exhaustive in 100% of the process

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What is said about marble?

Marble bases

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