José Candela S.L. has been in the business of crafting marble for more than 40 years. Our products are the result of our experience, with a team that takes great care throughout the various stages of professional and artistic development that are involved to promote the values and merits of marble as a living, noble and natural material.

Ongoing development is a permanent feature of the business, and of the 25 thousand square metres that our premises cover, ten thousand are taken up by machinery and production plants.


With our experience and commitment to providing the best service and products, the company has progressed over time from being a craft-based operation to one that prepares and transforms marble using the latest technological innovations to produce items of the highest quality.


JC BASES specialises in producing marble bases for trophies with different features, sizes and colours, such as black, cream and red.

We export all over the world, particularly to Europe and North America, as well as supplying to the Spanish market.